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I accompany you and respond to your communication needs.

Dalma Díaz Pinto. Fundadora de de #ConDalmaComunicaciones.

- Communication crisis planning and control  (proactive and reactive communication plans).

- Design, implementation and updating of crisis and spokesperson plans and operational manuals.

- Design and implementation of advertising campaigns, public relations and propaganda.

- Media management to incorporate the client's messages in the news agenda of the media. 

- I deal with the press. Organization of conferences, points and press conferences; fam presses and fam trips.

- Media agency (Commercial representation before the media).

- Advice on ceremonial and protocol.

- Preparation of scripts and speeches.

- Master of ceremonies and event management.

- Journalistic production and hosting of radio and television programs.

- Journalistic investigations.

- Training to plan, prevent and control communication crises.

- Spokesperson training.

- Training in public speaking and dealing with the press.

- Mentoring in communication.

- Design and implementation of social media and digital content marketing campaigns.






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