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My clients have comprehensive communication advice. 

I live in Puerto Montt, Los Lagos Region, in the Northern Patagonia of Chile. I am a journalist and a graduate in Communication Sciences. I specialize in gastronomic tourism, the sea, union management and female empowerment, areas in which I develop my work as a communication consultant.


With more than 25 years of professional experience, I have training in personal and holistic development, communication and digital marketing, gastronomic tourism, advertising gastronomic photography, sustainable development and international specialization in travel journalism.

I love my work. My passion for applied communications for decision making and crisis control, and the incorporation of intelligent communication to enhance the positioning and promotion of brands with strategic goals, are part of my professional stamp.

Highlights in my resume include the creation of the first communications agency in Chilean Patagonia specializing in tourism and the sea, Surgerencia (2004 - 2010), and also being a co-founder of the first gastronomic tourism researcher and trainer in Chile Gastronomia Patagonia (2013 - 2022). This last initiative has been one of the most enriching in human and professional matters for me. We did a beautiful job that continues today with an extraordinary team (

I am convinced that women are the central motor of positive transformation of the territories and that tourism makes that capacity visible. That is why I participate in networks within Chile and globally in the areas of my journalistic specialty, managing the response to community needs, making visible and promoting female leadership in decision-making areas. Inspired by this purpose, and in order to support women who need to communicate and connect with others to strengthen their empowerment, I founded the Women with Decision Ibero-America Network in 2020, where together with wonderful peers from different parts of the globe, we contribute to make visible inspiring stories of women that remind us that feminine strength is unstoppable and that it helps to have a better world (

In December 2012, I joined the Association of Tourism Journalists APTUR Chile (, and since April 2021, I have been the national president of this organization. The first woman to hold this position and the first person from the regions as well.

I believe and practice the collaborative spirit, associativity and networking. 

I am the treasurer of Fundación Bordemar, an organization based in Puerto Varas, Chile, dedicated to environmental education and special interest tourism (

I am a member of the collaborative innovation network of Aldea Cowork de Osorno in Chile (

I participate as a columnist and panelist in  magazines and radio and TV programs at the Chilean and international level,  in matters _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d female empowerment and tourism . Among them Patagonia Tour on Tour of Bariloche; Canal HORECA magazine from Chile; the program Conversing with Isabel, based in Valdivia and coverage from Concepción to Chiloé, and Radio El Conquistador Red Los Lagos de Chile, for its programs Café Express and Mujeres al Poder.

In September 2020, after an intensive training process, I was appointed as the first Certified Ambassador in Latin America, of the World Association of Gastronomic Tourism, World Food Travel Association, WFTA (

I am the mother of Lucas (21), Maximiliano (16) and Sergio (11). My mother's name is Luz Elena; one of my main inspirations in life, which together with my father Leonel Díaz Mac - Arthur, I honor because through his effort and example, I have largely become what I am. 

My LinkedIn profile is dalmadiazpinto. Instagram: dalmadiazpchile; Twitter: dalmadiaz; Facebook profile: Dalma Modina Díaz Pinto; Fan page: dalmadiazjournalist.
















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